Farmers Market

Oh dear I’m so late on this post, but better late than never I guess.  Saturdays are farmers market days around here, Zion and I wake up and head to Maria Hernandez Park for the Bushwick Farmers Market every week.  Lately with the coming fall we’ve been getting tons of dark leafy greens and of course pumpkins!  We’re super lucky out here in Bushwick in that Sandy really didn’t hit us that hard, so pretty much everyone at the market fared okay.  My good buddies down at Brewklyn Grind in Redhook lost a lot of their equipment, if you see any of their coffee sold buy some and support some great local guys making great coffee


ProTip, when I go shopping at the market I immediately clean, dry and ziplock up all of my greens – that way they’re ready to use during the week with minimal prep


Here’s another tip.  When cutting thick hearty greens like collards it’s helpful to cut the leaf away from the spine, roll the leafs up nice and tight (like you’re rolling a blunt) and then cut them into smaller ribbons


So many awesome veggies to eat which means more recipes to come!

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